Uganda Touch, LLC

  • "To help and serve"
  • "To help and serve"

Welcome To Uganda Touch

Uganda touch is a 501c non profit organization. We operate completely off of donations with 100% of the proceeds going to the children of Uganda. All operating costs are expensed by the founders so we can allow our dontations to be fully utilized in this charity. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my incredible non profit organization.


Our chariety was founded after we had traveled to Uganda twice to assist a large extended family in a village near Masaka city. At that time we were also as a family assisting a small Christian Secondary School in Kamocha - A poor district in Kampala. The struggling school needed everything from simple writing paper, to schoolbooks.

""There are givers and takers, takers may live bettter but givers sleep better."

--Danny Thomas, founder of St. Judes Childres hospital

Africa has the greatest proportion of people living in extreme poverty. More than 40% or roughly 300 milliion people are living on less than one dollar a day.