Uganda touch

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Your Donations

We welcome any charitable donations that will be used for individual Uganda Children desiring to attend school but have no means of obtaining school fees, uniforms, and retired supplies. In most cases these are orphaned children. Average annual cost to support a student is US$300 - goes towards tuition, housing and clothing, books and one meal a day. Most can't afford schooling due to pressing family needs.

In the village where we have served there are on going neccessities for basic living needs such as containers to carry water, wheelchairs, cains, and crutches for elders who have been effected by civil wars. If you want to help - we can have you sponsor a specific childs education or just provide for basic human needs of those in the village we serve.


Tuition, room/board and teacher’s salaries are subsidized by funding from Uganda touch LLC


Current enrolment is 25 students with plans to expand facility and capability required to support more 200 students per year by 2014

Spritual Growth

Providing scriptures, HYMNS, and transportation to church organizations is part of our mission as a christian organization.

Medical and Dental

Uganda touch includes critical medical and dental procedures, and also mental health counseling.