Uganda Touch

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Our Work

In May 2007 I made my first visit to Uganda Africa where I fell in love with the country and its people. Visiting the beautiful countryside and swimming in the Source of the Nile River was breath-taking. While in Uganda on a trip with my family, we went to a village near the City of Masaka. We delivered clothes, medication and other needed items to a very grateful extended family of about 100. On a subsequent visit we brought a wheel chair for a 20 year old girl who could not walk and needed to be carried by family members in order to move about. A thankful mother was overcome with joy to see her beautiful daughter in the wheelchair being push down the dirt road near her humble home. A very happy site!

The Clark family has been the sole source of funding for the school along with a few special friends. We officially established an organization called Uganda Touch, LLC a 501(c) non-profit firm to hopefully expand our program to help orphaned children receive a basic education. The 53 students currently attending the Peter and Paul Secondary school have no means of payment of school fees. Some make a token payment if they can find a relative or friend to contribute. Somehow they made it through primary school, but have no means to complete their education.

Our goal is to operate and fund a larger secondary school for orphaned children in Uganda. We will build or purchase an existing school to be able to provide a quality education for kids who have no chance or source to continue their schooling. We give our time and personal resources for the services currently provided. There are no salaries paid and virtually no administration costs.The equipment such as microscopes, laptops, textbooks and supplies has been transported to Uganda by family volunteers.

We invite others who have desire to serve to join us.